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Mission & Duties

Kolmars R&D organisation consist of highly well trained individuals, one of third (350 persons) of total employees, and infrastructures as large as no.1 Korean OEM/ODE network.
Contract manufacturing is a an increasingly interesting business area for Kolmar. Our mission is to offer high value pharmaceutical contract manufacturing, industrialisation and supporting services for global markets.
Our R&D organisation is fully committed to providing support for the supply chain throughout the products lifecycle in areas such as product development and maintenance, process development and developing fusion technologies to combine the cosmetic and pharmaceutical efficacy.
Our R&D dept has 3 teams such as, the New DDS team and Natural Substance Research team, and Analysis Development Team.

R & D Institutes

01New DDS Team
As the number of challenging compounds coming out of drug discovery increases, conventional formulation strategies may no longer suffice in providing acceptable bioavailability and targeted clinical profiles.  Advanced delivery technologies become an essential approach in the development of new chemical entities.
To address this growing need, Kolmar offers a broad portfolio of drug delivery solutions to  meet each molecule’s specific needs. From bioavailability enhancement technologies and solid dispersion development to controlled release, our capabilities cover the spectrum of drug delivery.
  • 01 Development of
    Natural antibiotics
    development using
  • 02 Generic product
    formulation development.
  • 03 Development of patch /
    plaster using
  • 04 Liquid in
    Hard Gelatin Capsule.
02Natural Substance Research team
We are devoting ourselves to development medicines with natural substances independently. From natural substance and devote to create innovative new line extensions such as natural source studying, chemical structure and final development.
  • Natural substance study and research
  • Natural substance new drug development.
03Analysis Development Team
Kolmar provides comprehensive analytical development services and data to support your drug product through the development and manufacturing process.
  • Analytical method transfer from our clients.
  • Method development, optimization and validation
  • Cleaning method development.
  • Dosage unit evaluation and analysis
  • Dissolution and drug release profiling
  • Stability services according to ICH guidelines
  • Microbiological monitoring

R & D Pipeline

R & D Pipeline
Category Candidate Indication Development stage
New Herbal Drug KKM0801 GI Ulcer Phase I
KKM1011 Hypertensions Phase II
KKM1012 Diabetes Phase II
KKM1102 Infections Preclinical
Small Momlecules KKM0805 Osteoporosis Phase I
KKM0902 Osteoporosis Phase II
Combination products KKM1201 Hyperlipidemia Phase II
KKM1202 Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia Phase II