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Wholesale / Distribution

Wholesale and Distribution, Warehousing

Our pharmaceutical wholesale business, together with our associated company such as KPS and KDP, supplies prescription drug, OTC and related services to cover all over the countries to doctors, hospitals and clinic in Korea.
In addition to the wholesale of our own branded drugs, we provide services to pharmaceutical importers who are seeking to gain greater control over their product distribution. For your precious products released in Korean market, Discovery of the proper sales and distribution channel is very important to you.

For wholesaling through indirect sales distribution channel, we’re operating two affiliates as below

KPS (Kolmar Korea sales network)
KPS is operating 40 whole sales agencies covering all over South Korea and provides the prescription drugs and OTC products rapidly to pharmacies, clinics, and hospitals. KPS expands increasingly lots of whole sales agencies every year who want to deliver Kolmar’s products. To be the member of whole sales agency, the strict and thorough evaluation of qualification is performed.
KDP (Kolmar Korea sales network)
KDP is specialized in wholesaling skin diseases related products such as transdermal, topical, and oral solid products which are manufactured by Kolmar and throughout operating 12 sales offices, they fully covers dermatology clinics and hospitals which operates in Korea.
As we continually seek to grow our wholesale and related distribution activities organically and are ready to cooperate together with anyone, please feel free to contact us.
Warehousing Service
We have extensive warehousing and distribution capabilities to help pharmaceutical companies meet customer demands for time and temperature-sensitive product warehouse/deliveries.
Pharmaceutical products have specific storage and handling needs. We understand those needs and have dedicated warehouse specially designed for pharmaceutical products.
We are licensed to store controlled drugs, as well as having cold chain facilities which enable us to store refrigerated products, ready for distribution when you need them.
Our dedicated and trained personnel such as Government Licensed Pharmacist and Provisory Agent are available for our clients at our warehouse.