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Commercial Packaging and labeling

As outstanding pharmaceutical CMO company in Korea, Kolmar delivers primary and secondary pharmaceutical packaging service. We have the expertise and technologies to assure that your pharmaceutical packaging addresses requirements for moisture, chemical or light barrier, ease of opening, child resistance, unit dosing, and portability. Whether you are packaging tablets, capsules, transdermals, topicals, powders or oral dissolve strips, Kolmar has a pharmaceutical packaging solution to meet your requirements. Coupled to a dedicated in-house packaging design and artwork team, we support your product packaging needs.

Packaging type available
  • Bottle filling pack
  • Blister pack
  • Sachets pack
  • Stick packs
  • Strip packs
  • Tube Pack
  • Folding carton production
  • Repackaging
  • Compliance packaging

Based on above, Kolmar serves markets such as: pharmaceuticals (Rx, OTC), personal care which the private label and contract manufacturers, as well as wholesale distributors have been applied.

New Standard Bar-Code System available

KFDA requires all Rx pharmaceutical products released into market should be marked with 2D barcode with serial number on each drug label and box. Otherwise, each products should involve RFID Chip inside box from 1st Jan. 2014. Kolmar is applying 2D barcode and RFID packing to all pharmaceutical products manufactured. If you want to get our services for this, it’s always welcomed.

2D Barcode with serial number

RFID chip inside box