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To expand Kolmar’s business line, Kolmar has acquired other pharmaceutical company in 2012. As a result, Kolmar could supply the highest quality product manufactured in 2 facilities designed to comply with EU GMP guideline.

Also Kolmar has been authorized as a Korean Innovative Pharmaceutical Company by Korean MOHW.
With this authorization, Kolmar demonstrated our capabilities as a Korean leading CDMO to our customers who hope to match their specific requirements and standards.

We could provide the followings
- Finished dosage products
- Pharmaceutical CMO & Development Service
- Providing total pharmaceutical Solution Service to customer
- New standard bar-code system
- Commercial Package and labeling
한국콜마 회사 전경
Factory facility
- Gross area : 20,253 ㎡ / Total area : 13,676 ㎡
Main products
- Ointment, External solution, Syrup, Solid dosage form (Tablet,   Capsule), Quasi-drug (Various drug –high quality toothpaste.)
Product capacity
- 46 Million units / year
R & D of pharmaceutical products.
- (Realization of Fusion-technology) combining the outstanding    cosmetic texture and the excellent pharmaceutical efficacy.
Pharmaceutical Facilities

To expand Kolmar’s business line, Kolmar has acquired other pharmaceutical company in 2012. As a result, Kolmar could supply the highest quality product manufactured in 2 facilities designed to comply with EU GMP guideline.

These facilities are strategically designed and equipped to providevarious kinds of dosage forms manufacturing service under a strict GMP compliance.Kolmar stands out as your pharmaceutical development and manufacturing partner with fast, flexible and tailored solution for markets.

Commercial manufacturing solutions include production of Rx, OTC, Quasi drug, Generics products in the following forms:
Pharmaceutical product capacity
Pharmaceutical product capacity
day month
Ointment TUBE 50,000 1,200,000 -
Cream Bottle, JAR 20,000 480,000 30g
Syrup Bottle, PE 45,000 1,080,000 100,500㎖
Pouch 210,000 5,040,000 10㎖
Topical solution Liquid lotion,gargle 70,000 1,680,000
Gargle 12,000 288,000
Solid Dosage Form Capsule 200,000 4,800,000
Tablet 1,200,000 21,600,000
Granule 100,000 2,600,000 2g (stick)
Liquid Caps Liquid Caps 40,000 960,000
Quasi drug Paste TUBE 25,000 600,000 130g
한국콜마 건물 사진

Kolmarpharma Jecheon Plant is equipped with cutting-edge systems at the level of cGMP designed to meet the requirements of global market by clearly dividing and arranging circulation fit for the purpose and function through the design of completely blocking the inter-process contamination.

The plant in Jecheon of Kolmarpharma manufactures tablet, hard capsule, soft capsule, ointment and solution, which is applied with the Hardware and Software reflected with the cGMP regulations of international pharmaceutical industry including the KGMP and EU and FDA guidelines. Its conceptual design was done by prominent consulting experts from Germany, Alain Kupferman and Alain Moinet so as to build the most reasonable and efficient GMP plant, and the professional firms designed and constructed the premise, ventilation system, clean room facility, water treatment system and other facilities based on such design.

Pharmaceutical Facilities
93, Biovalley 2-ro, Jecheon-si, Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea
Pharmaceutical product capacity
Classification 1F 2F 3F Total
Production 3,208 3,148 - 6,356
Warehouse 1,742 - - 1,742
Maintenance 653 393 2,155 3,201
Office 855 871 505 2,231
Wastewater Treatment 146 - - 146
Hazardous materials storage, security office, etc 215 - - 215
Total 6,759 4,472 2,660 13,891
Annual Production capacity(EA)
-Tablet : 670 million
- Hard Capsule : 100 million
- Soft Capsule : 190 million
- Ointment & Cream : 5.7 million
Main products
Solid Dosage Form, Ointment and Cream, Soft Capsule, and Powder
Closed System in order to prevent contamination (Solid Dosage Form)
Classification movement between human being and products
Designed with PAL (Personnel Access Line) and MAL (Material Access Line)
Automatic operation of manufacturing facilities and self monitoring system
Pharmaceutical product capacity
Manufacturing area Products Capa. /Hr Capa.
day Month
Oral Solid Dosage Form Manufacturing AreaDownload
Tablets 25,000 Tab 191,750 Tab 3,835,000 Tab
56,250 Tab 431,438 Tab 8,628,750 Tab
31,250 Tab 239,688 Tab 4,793,750 Tab
62,500 Tab 479,375 Tab 9,587,500 Tab
45,000 Tab 345,150 Tab 6,903,000 Tab
62,500 Tab 479,375 Tab 9,587,500 Tab
Coated Tablets 120Kg / Batch 2 Batch / Day 40 Batch
120Kg / Batch 2 Batch / Day 40 Batch
25,000 Cap 191,750 Cap 3,535,000 Cap
25,000 Cap 191,750 Cap 3,535,000 Cap
Soft Capsules
Manufacturing area Download
Soft Capsules 44,340 Cap 340,000 Cap 4,080,000 Cap
Ointment & Cream
Manufacturing area Download
Ointment& Cream 3,600 Tube 27,610 Tube 552,200 Tube
Packaging area Download All - - -
Current Status of
Utilities Download
All - - -

Our R&D center had been established in 2001 and devoted to development of the highest quality pharmaceutical products with dedicated R&D engineer.
Especially, we take the initiative to develop new dosage form and super qualified pharmaceutical products not only Controlled release dosage form, Sustained release dosage form, Immediate-release dosage form, practically insoluble pharmaceutical product but also Soft capsule, multi- layer tablet. Also we focus on drastic investment for the technical innovation and R&D. In addition, our R&D center strives to save cost for the production implement testing method using state of the art analytical equipment and make it better to improve testing method.

- Pilot Tablet machine
- Coating machine
- F.B.G.(Fluid Bed Granulator)
- Loss on dryer
- Tap Density
- Hardness Tester
- Extruder
- Nano-mill
- Dryer
- Softgel encapsulation
- Softgel dryer
- Gelatin filling equipment
- Single Tablet Press
- UV spectrophotometer
- pH meter
- Loss on dryer
- Stability chamber
- Particle size analyzer
- Balance
- Purified water system
- Dry oven
- Circulator