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Kolmar is the world leading company specialized in R&D and doing its utmost effort to improve human health and beauty aiming to make our life more valuable.
한국콜마 경영철학
  • The management for Human

    The organic management is our principle that improves the capability of employee. We actively support each of individual employees working for what they are able to do their best and suitable work.

  • The management for Technology

    We challenge to develop new technology in order to make a leap toward world-first-class R&D manufacturing and specialized corporation.

  • The management for Value

    We grow with our client by creating shared (their) value. As providing ODM total service to the clients, we succeed only when our clients succeed.

  • The management for Responsibility

    With responsibility, we participate in the business management of each division and build up the environment which we can control our own performance.