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CEO Message

CEO 윤동한
We have created the value of beauty and health
beyond the business fields of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals , functional health foods.

It has been 24 years since Kolmar Korea began to dream of beauty and health. Beginning as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), our company introduced and established the new business model called the ODM Network, and made a ceaseless effort to develop the high-tech-fields of its own pharmaceutical and functional health food manufacturing.

In the meantime, our company has obtained many different manes, such as the source company with excellent original technology it cosmetic and pharmaceutical fields, the leading company that has realize the new business model named ODM for the first time in the business circle, the enterprise that carries the dreams of green environment into practice.

However, the biggest name of Kolmar Korea may be the “Company carrying customer love into practice”, which has been obtained through customers themselves.

Within the business circle and in the world trade market, the topic of conversation concerning Kolmar Korea was only about beauty and health. Based on the endless researches on beauty and health of customers, our company has kept the precious values of customers.

Even in the future, Kolmar Korea will do its best with sincerity, playing role as a firm foundation for the relevant industrial fields, so that we can help accomplish the beauty and happiness with health for the mankind.

CEO YOON, Dong-han