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Global Business Development

Kolmar Korea Co., Ltd., established in 1990 as a joint venture company with Nihon(Japan) Kolmar, is dedicated to pharmaceutical contract manufacturer.
Since then, we have been specialized in contract manufacturing of finished pharmaceutical products as well as cosmetics.
Our goal is to provide a seamless, fully integrated service ensuring product quality, assurance of supply and full transparency/communication with fast supply, highly strict quality system and low cost competitiveness with our customers.
At present, not only most of Korean pharmaceutical companies are outsourcing their products to us but a few multinational companies are discussing contract manufacturing at our manufacturing sites. Now, we’re struggling to go to pharmaceutical regulated market beyond Korean market and looking for new opportunities for business development in foreign partners.
Export of finished products
We, Kolmar Korea, have supplied a full range of pharmaceutical products and services based on OEM/ODM. As of now, lots of products with 55 brands are being exported to many companies which are located in more than 10 countries as well as most of major pharmaceutical companies in Korea. Coupled to this, we would identify all paperwork requirements registration in relation to export and customs documentations work.
We provide flexible pharmaceutical solutions which allow our customers to accelerate their route to market quickly, safely and cost effectively.
Contract Manufacture and Packing
We offer cost effective contract manufacture and many kinds of packing service from 2 pharmaceutical factories. With our state of the art manufacturing facility which was designed with EU-GMP grade, we can deliver your commercial quantity requirements.
License In/Out
We’re so interested in technology transfer of various dosage forms such as creams, injectables and tablets. Throughout in/out licensing, We are providing service of licensing in/out by connecting local companies to multinational companies based on supplying experience much more than 350 products with the integrated CMO service solution.
Analytical service
In our modern analytical laboratories, we are equipped to support your project at every stage from pre-formulation trials, formulation development and commercial supply. We offer fully ICH compliant method development and validation support, with raw material and finished product analytical techniques, including HPLC, rapid resolution HPLC, dissolution, titimetric and spectroscopy methods of analysis.